Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tar Heel Teachers - Educational Panel Talk Show - January 2015 Episode

This month's episode is filled with many teachable moments! Let's learn together! 

During this month's episode of Tar Heel Teachers...
  • 1:00 - During Teacher Talk, the co-hosts discuss Wake County's decision to move their middle schools to the 10-Point Grading Scale, How a Lack of Teacher Engagement is Linked to 2.3 Million Missed Workdays, and the Grading of North Carolina's public schools (A-F).
  • 12:30 - Community Involvement is important!  Marlow and Dia chat with Josiah Boyd (5th Grade Philanthropist from Lake Rim Elementary) about his quest to provide necessities for today's homeless! Watch the interview for specific details!
  • 16:20 - A Dignified Debate about Technology! Jason Edwards (English/Language Arts Teacher at EE Smith High School) highlights the benefits of technology in today's classrooms while Aretha Moultrie (English/Language Arts Teacher at South View Middle School) pinpoints a few pitfalls associated with technology usage.
  • 24:55 - For this edition of Teachers Taking Care of their Health, Marlow and Ashlee are joined by Certified Zumba Instructor Camille Newman (English/Language Arts Teacher at John Griffin Middle School) who gives the co-hosts a lesson.
  • 30:25 - The co-hosts also share professional advice during Ask the Teachers.

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This show nor its co-hosts are perfect!  We hope that you will grow and learn with us!