Thursday, July 31, 2014

Videoing Classroom Lessons to Observe Your Own Practices

Teachers should keep a watchful eye on own their teaching.  Reflection is key!
About two years ago, I was contacted by the English/Language Arts Curriculum Specialist for my district (Cumberland County Schools). She wanted to send our county's videographer to my classroom so that she could capture footage.  Her objective was to utilize one of my lessons as an example of the Common Core in action with her audience being principals and other administrators.

Even though the feedback had been very positive.  Up until this point, I had only used the video for self-reflection.  I had not distributed the video to a wide-reaching audience.

However, I now want to share the footage because of my work with new teachers. I am going to dissect the video with a group of Lateral Entry teachers at the CCS Lateral Entry Mini-Camp (which I will write about shortly after the session) and possibly a group of English/Language Arts teachers at the CCS New Teacher Orientation.  The video has helped me to grow, and I believe that this video can aid other teachers as well.

Watch the video below and voice your opinion of the lesson.

I am absolutely fascinated by this video because my "5th-Year Self" has plenty of advice for my "3rd-Year Self."  Reflection is the key to evolution.

What advice would you give your "Beginning Teacher Self?"

Friday, July 25, 2014

Governor's Teacher Network

The GTN was recently created to give outstanding NC teachers a statewide platform to share professional development resources and instructional materials.
May 30, 2014 will go down as one of the most anticipated days for many North Carolina teachers.  Teacher-Leaders from every county in the state waited on bated breath to see if they would be admitted to the Governor's Teacher Network.  I was one of those teachers.

Would I be granted the opportunity to conduct professional development for teachers around the state?  Would I be able to create instructional materials that could benefit a plethora of statewide stakeholders?  Would I receive the $10,000 supplement? The answers are yes, yes, and yes!

At 4:13 PM, I received my confirmation email!  I am so proud and excited about this honor because it will not just benefit me, but so many other teachers and students.

On June 30th and July 1st, I attended the GTN Conference at the Sheraton Imperial Ballroom in Raleigh. 

In the video below, I recount my experience at the GTN conference.

 Here are a couple memorable photos from the event:

Selfie with the State Superintendent - Dr. June Atkinson!

Governor Pat McCrory with 4 NC teachers including me!
You can watch Governor McCrory's speech by visiting this link -

Keep reading my blog because I will post regular updates about my progress with The Governor's Teacher Network. Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Flipping the Script Awards Ceremony (Photo Booth)

Here I am at the Flipping the Script Photo Booth!
Co-hosting the Flipping the Script Awards Ceremony was an enjoyable experience!  (click here to read all about it -   

I believe that one of the most enjoyable aspects of the event was the photo booth.  We were able to be just as silly and quirky as we wanted!  Take a look!

Flipping the Script Awards Ceremony

The CCS Student Services Department sponsored the Flipping the Script Awards Ceremony.
Recently, I was asked to serve as a co-host for the Flipping the Script Awards Ceremony.  Flipping the Script is an initiative/competition that aims to highlight dropout prevention and awareness through the creation of PSAs and music videos.  Students from numerous elementary, middle, and high schools within the Cumberland County Schools System submitted videos with the hopes of winning the grand prize.

I was recruited as a co-host because of the Dropout Prevention PSA that I acted in a few years ago (click here to see the PSA -

My illustrious co-host was Amy Noble (2013-2014 Cumberland County Schools Teacher of the Year).  I loved sharing this experience with her because she has been a mentor/friend since the beginning of my teaching career!

The event was a first-class affair.  The clothes, food, decorations, and venue were all beautiful and glamorous.  The event was certainly filled with the Who's Who of Cumberland County Schools from Dr. Till (Superintendent), Board Members (Susan Williams, Larry Lancaster, and Carrie Sutton), Administrators, Teachers, and our wonderful students.

Keep scrolling to catch pictures from the red carpet as well as pictures from inside the event.

All of the students/videos were very talented.  However, there were only three winners (one for each category of elementary, middle, and high schools).

Elementary School Winner - Howard Hall Elementary School

Middle School WinnerSouth View Middle School in Partnership with the Office of Indian Education

High School Winner - Masey Hill Classical High School

Click here to catch funny images from the photo booth -

I want to thank Natasha Scott (Executive Director of Student Services) and her staff for allowing me to participate in such an uplifting and rewarding endeavor!