Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chapter Assessors Using Gridded Response - More Math in ELA!

The Gridded Response is utilized on all types of Math Assessments.

Some students struggle with the format of the Gridded Response, which has been added more heavily to the North Carolina End of Grade Math Assessments.  Common mistakes include writing a Mixed Number in the answer grid and moving the decimal in percent problems.  I want my students to excel in this area so I have found a wonderful way to integrate this concept into English/Language Arts.

I have conceived Chapter Assessors Using Gridded Response.  The document has about 6 Gridded Responses.  After reading a chapter from our class novel, my students will have to grid their assessment/view of the chapter.  The range is -5 to +5 just like the Plot Profile ( that I previously used.  They will also be able to insert decimals.  For example, some student may believe that the chapter was a 3.25.

This is a great tool to employ because it will generate an immense amount of dialogue.  Students will have diverse opinions regarding the chapters so they will certainly insert different values into the Gridded Response.  However, all students will receive great practice with the grids.

This concept can definitely be adapted to fit any subject area.  I cannot wait to hear what my students have to say about the strategy.  Let me know what you think.

 Chapter ______                  Chapter ______

      Chapter ______                  Chapter ______

      Chapter ______                  Chapter ______