Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sitcoms in an ELA Classroom/Utilizing the Sitcom Analysis Sheet

Sitcoms can be incorporated into classrooms to reinforce content.
One of the Brain-Based Instructional Strategies is humor.  One way that I like to ensure that humor is present in my classroom is by incorporating sitcoms.

I search for sitcoms that are wholesome as well as episodes that are related to the novel, short story, article, or other type of reading that I am exploring with my students.

Some of my favorite shows to watch with students are The Cosby Show, Boy Meets World, Full House, Family Matters, and Sister, Sister. Typically, these shows possess universal themes in which students can relate.

When I watch sitcoms, I always utilize the Sitcom Analysis Sheet (below).  This sheet allows students to review key literary terms.  In many ways, a sitcom is very similar to a short story.

Sitcom Analysis Sheet
Episode Title:


  1. Time

  1. Place

Point of View:

Description (Personality and Physical Characteristics)
Primary Characters

Secondary Characters

Conflict (Problem):



  1. Climax
(Most Exciting or Turning Point)

  1. Resolution

Theme (Message):

These shows help students to extend their learning and can be paired with numerous pieces of literature.