Thursday, July 31, 2014

Videoing Classroom Lessons to Observe Your Own Practices

Teachers should keep a watchful eye on own their teaching.  Reflection is key!
About two years ago, I was contacted by the English/Language Arts Curriculum Specialist for my district (Cumberland County Schools). She wanted to send our county's videographer to my classroom so that she could capture footage.  Her objective was to utilize one of my lessons as an example of the Common Core in action with her audience being principals and other administrators.

Even though the feedback had been very positive.  Up until this point, I had only used the video for self-reflection.  I had not distributed the video to a wide-reaching audience.

However, I now want to share the footage because of my work with new teachers. I am going to dissect the video with a group of Lateral Entry teachers at the CCS Lateral Entry Mini-Camp (which I will write about shortly after the session) and possibly a group of English/Language Arts teachers at the CCS New Teacher Orientation.  The video has helped me to grow, and I believe that this video can aid other teachers as well.

Watch the video below and voice your opinion of the lesson.

I am absolutely fascinated by this video because my "5th-Year Self" has plenty of advice for my "3rd-Year Self."  Reflection is the key to evolution.

What advice would you give your "Beginning Teacher Self?"