Saturday, November 29, 2014

CCS' New Dropout Prevention Public Service Announcement!

Cumberland County Schools is determined to continue reducing the dropout rate for our system.

For the second year in a row, Cumberland County Schools is Flipping the Script on dropout prevention.  A short series of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) were created that showcase "Dante" struggling with the choice to dropout of school.

I proudly appear as "Dante" in this dropout prevention video/series!

Here is the very first Dropout Prevention Public Service Announcement that was released! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Tar Heel Teachers - Educational Panel Talk Show - November 2014 Episode

This month's episode is filled with many teachable moments!  Let's learn together! 

During this month's episode of Tar Heel Teachers...
  • :30 - As an icebreaker, the co-hosts introduce themselves to the audience by revealing songs that exemplifies each of them as classroom teachers.
  • 4:35 - During Teacher Talk, the co-hosts discuss the new 10-point grading scale (which will affect high schools next school year) as well as the Asheville Citizen Times Article,  "5 Things that make it harder to teach in NC."
  • 15:00 - During Tomorrow's Tools, Kate Stepp (Media Coordinator for South View High School) and Andrew Metz (Theater Arts Teacher for South View High School) join the conversation to converse about 
  • 22:25 - The co-hosts also share professional advice during Ask the Teachers.

Please share your opinions of the first show by posting your comments to this blog. You can also join the conversation by tweeting us @tarheelteachers via Twitter.  Email is another viable option, write your comments to

The show nor its co-hosts are perfect!  We hope that you will grow and learn with us!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Tar Heel Teachers: Educational Panel Talk Show - Behind the Scenes!

Taping the pilot episode of Tar Heel Teachers (the talk show) was such a rewarding experience!
I have desired to be a talk show host for a very long time.  I attended UNC-Chapel Hill with the intention of pursuing a full-time career as a talk show host.  

Life intervened and my Communication Studies Degree led me to my fantastic career as a 6th Grade English/Language Arts Teacher! In actuality, I am essentially hosting a daily talk show as I facilitate instruction to my students.

By creating Tar Heel Teachers - An Educational Panel Talk Show (which is a spin-off of my blog), I am able to fulfill my lifelong dream as well as honor my life's calling.  This new talk show perfectly merges my career as a teacher and my ambitions to be a talk show host!

I am so excited to partner with Methodist University on this project. Communications and Education Majors will be able to join the conversation as they work behind the scenes on this show.  A special thank you to Paul Joseph (Department Chair for Methodist's Communications Department) for his willingness to help bring this show to life!

This show is truly a collaborative effort - Aritia Smalls will serve as a producer on the project.

The purpose of this show is to engage teachers and other educational stakeholders in pertinent conversation.  I wanted to expand the conversation that I was having on this blog so I assembled a dynamic panel who will join me every month as I moderate the program!

Elementary School Teacher/Reading Specialist: Ashlee Garrison

Middle School Exceptional Children's Teacher/Instructional Coach: Cassandra Parsons

High School Mathematics Coach: Dia Collins

Let's go behind the scenes of the pilot episode of Tar Heel Teachers:

The complete episode will be published within the next few days at my new website -!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Day 2014!

All citizens including teachers should exercise their right to vote!

This campaign season, I have been engulfed in my local school board race.  There are three at-large seats available here in Cumberland County, and I have had the opportunity to interview nearly all candidates.  It has been my pleasure to discuss how each individual will affect change in our system if he/she is elected.

Here are two brand new interviews:

Nolan Hancock

Randy Fredricks

Teachers should be involved in the political process in order to model good citizenship to our students.  However, we should not shove our beliefs down our students' throats!

Make certain that you let your voice be heard by voting!