Monday, August 18, 2014

Teaser for Operation Inquiry (My Governor's Teacher Network Project)

I will host PD Sessions for Middle School ELA teachers who would like to participate in Operation Inquiry.

Operation Inquiry is my project for the NC Governor's Teacher Network.  Take a look at the following video from NCDPI.  The video discusses the Governor's Teacher Network, and I am featured in the video discussing my project.

I aim to implement Operation Inquiry across Cumberland County Schools in our middle schools.  I will host Professional Development Sessions to help guide English/Language Arts teachers through the process.  In the following video, I provide a teaser for the Operation Inquiry PD Sessions.

Here is a complete breakdown of how the Professional Development Sessions will look for Operation Inquiry.

Operation Inquiry PD Course Overview

Course Delivery Type: Classroom

Course Name: Operation Inquiry - Information at Work!

Course Category: English/Language Arts

Target Audience: English/Language Arts Teachers (Grades 6-8)

Course Description: Operation Inquiry is a student-selected investigation of a topic culminating in a research paper, a product, and a presentationOperation Inquiry is particularly necessary because the project transitions middle school students away from regurgitation learning toward a more argumentative, project-based learning approach.  This project integrates research skills, content knowledge, critical thinking, writing, speaking, listening, and evaluation.  Participants will receive the essential skills to successfully prepare their students for Operation Inquiry.  Lastly, teachers will compile crucial data for NC’s Governor’s Teacher Network.

CEU Type: Reading

CEU: TBD; Submission of Qualitative Data is Required to Receive CEUs.

Instructor: Marlow M. Artis

Course Location(s): TBD

W 6.1, W 7.1, W 8.1
W 6.4, W 7.4, W 8.4
W 6.5, W 7.5, W 8.5
W 6.7, W 7.7, W 8.7
W 6.8, W 7.8, W 8.8
SL 6.4, SL 7.4, SL 8.4
SL 6.5, SL 7.5, SL 8.5

  Schedule of Events/Sessions:
  • September 2014: Overview of the Product Requirement
    • Classroom Session – “Promoting a Culture of Creativity as Students Develop Product Ideas for Operation Inquiry
    • 2 Hour Sessions

  • October 2014: Overview of the Paper Requirement
    • Classroom Session – “Persuading Students to Establish Adequate Arguments as They Craft Their Operation Inquiry Papers”
    • 2 Hour Sessions

  • November 2014:Overview of the Presentation Requirement
    • Classroom Session – “Increasing Student Use of 21st Century Technology Tools During Operation Inquiry Presentations”
    • 2 Hour Sessions

  • December 2014:Application/Observations
    • Participants will serve as judges for 6th Grade Operation Inquiry Presentations at South View Middle School.
    • 2 Hour Sessions

  • January 2015 - March 2015: Project Implementation
    • Participants will execute Operation Inquiry in their own classrooms with coaching available by Mr. Artis.
    • 12 Contact Hours

  • March 31, 2015: All participating schools will submit 6 Finalists.

  • April 2015:
    • Trunk Show (Displaying 100+ Student Products)
    • Indoor Picnic (Celebrating All Participants/Revealing the Student Winner)

Visit the following links to read more about Operation Inquiry: