Monday, April 11, 2016

Tar Heel Teachers - Educational Panel Talk Show - S2E2 - Autism Special!

Our Autism Special is filled with many teachable moments! Let's learn together!

During this month's episode of Tar Heel Teachers....
  • 1:00 - Teacher Talk: The co-hosts review Myths about Autism. They also discuss the Center for Children with Autism of Wilmington's desire to raise money for a new bus. Lastly, they share a young autistic boy's spot-on "Michael Jackson" dance moves!
  • 15:55 - The co-hosts interview Amy Sparks from the Jarred Bryan Sparks Foundation!
  • 25:05 - Christy Jenks provides tips for parents with autistic children!
  • 31:25 - The co-hosts reflect about how autism has impacted their careers!

11 Myths About Autism

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This show nor its co-hosts are perfect! We hope that you will grow and learn with us!