Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Explore the Common Core

South View Middle recently held our Curriculum Night, Explore the Common Core.  The event took place on Thursday, January 16th from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM.  We transformed our school into South View Town Square.  Our 500+ participants (students, parents, CCS Central Services Personnel, and CCS Teachers from John Griffin, Anne Chesnutt, New Century, Nick Jeralds, & Gray's Creek) investigated the curriculum through rigorous real world scenarios.  Click here to view my first post regarding Explore the Common Core: http://www.tarheelteachers.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-cosby-show-and-curriculum-night.html

They were able to visit the following locations: South View University, South View Public Library, South View Health & Fitness, South View Poetry Cafe and Lounge, South View Town Hall, South View Hot Dog Hut, South View Casting Agency, South View Recycling Center, South View Urgent Care, Travel Agency (On the Move), The Bobcat Times, South View Board of Elections, South View Career Center, and South View Credit Union.  Take a gander at a few pictures.

Here I am advertising the event.  Don Elliott (Art Teacher) designed this sandwich board. 

Ms. West operated our Welcome Center.  She was very hospitable.
The Bobcat Times allowed students to hone their editing skills, caption pictures, and create ads.

Mrs. Holland and Mrs. Staley recorded over 60 auditions (plays and commercials).

Mrs. Bryant helped students to explore careers in the arts.

We also had a booth regarding the Military, which was adjacent to our Hot Dog Hut.  The Hot Dog Hut earned over $500.

We had a packed house!

Students were also able to visit the Employment Security Commission.

Ms. Spellman, one of our science teachers, exposed students to the recycling process.

Our math teachers exposed the students to banks, mortgage companies, and credit card companies.
The Career Center helped students to match students with careers that complemented that skills and interests.
Every business displayed appropriate signage and cordiality.

Explore the Common Core was a magical opportunity for South View Middle School to show the relevancy of our Curriculum, and we were overjoyed because all content areas/departments were represented.  I will post more pictures and videos soon!