Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NCCTM Conference

I presented a workshop about the math-based novel, The Absolute Value of Mike, to math teachers from all over North Carolina.

On November 1st, I was fortunate enough to present at the NCCTM Conference.  It was a wonderful experience because this English/Language Arts teacher from Cumberland County Schools was able to intermingle with math teachers from all over the State of North Carolina.  I shared with math teachers a wonderful math-based novel entitled The Absolute Value of Mike.  We discussed how math teachers could utilize The Absolute Value of Mike to teach the 8 Mathematical Practices.  Click on the video below to see a recap of my visit.

On February 15th, I will travel to Wilmington, NC to present the same workshop at the NCCTM Eastern Regional Conference.

I am particularly pumped about my upcoming session because I am going to reveal a great tool to use with novels called the Plot Profile.  This tool involves math as well.  I will provide a sample to my readers in the coming weeks!