Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tar Heel Teachers - Educational Panel Talk Show - April 2015 Episode

This month's episode is filled with many teachable moments! Let's learn together!
During this month's episode of Tar Heel Teachers...
  • 1:15 - During Teacher Talk, the co-hosts discuss the concept of stretching one great teacher across multiple classrooms, Hispanics helping to drive growth in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System, and students being responsible for most upkeep in schools in lieu of school janitors.
  •  16:20 - During Tomorrow's Tools, Dr. Toni Witherow (Mathematics Instructional Coach with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction) shares a "frontloading" math strategy with Marlow and Dia.
  • 22:45 - The benefits of Upcyclying in the Classroom!  Aritia Smalls (AIG Consultant) tells Marlow and Ashlee how trash can be turned into organizational treasure.
  • 31:30 - The co-hosts share professional advice during Ask the Teachers!

Here is the frontloading format that Dr. Witherow shared with the Tar Heel Teachers regarding word problems. 

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This show nor its co-hosts are perfect.  We hope that you will grow and learn with us.