Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cross-Curricular Enrichment Task Coinciding with The Mr. and Ms. Orange and Blue Pageant

South View Middle School recently held The Mr. and Ms. Orange and Blue Pageant

About a month ago, my school hosted The Mr. and Ms. Orange and Blue Pageant.  Initially, I had reservations about the event because it took place during school hours.  I am very territorial over my instructional time.  I feel like I never have enough time with my students.  I struggled with whether or not to approach the principal and the coordinators about rescheduling the event after school because we had already missed so much instructional time because of the snow days.  As a compromise with myself, I created a Cross-Curricular Enrichment Task Coinciding with The Mr. and Ms. Orange and Blue Pageant (below).  Thankfully, I was able to relate the pageant to every single subject area/department.  The document was given to every student who attended the pageant.  One lesson that I learned during the process was that if I worked hard enough, I could create a curriculum connection with almost any event or situation.  Keep reading to view the contents of the document.

Cross-Curricular Enrichment Task Coinciding with the Mr. and Ms. Orange and Blue Pageant

Directions: Utilize this sheet to document the Cross-Curriculum Connections that you detected at the Mr. and Ms. Orange and Blue Pageant.

English/Language Arts
List three genres that were showcased in the Mr. and Ms. Orange and Blue Pageant.  Please specifically explain how the genres were illustrated.

Place events from the Mr. and Ms. Orange and Blue Pageant in Chronological Order.


There are 150 participants in a certain beauty pageant competition. They are numbered from 1 to 150. Now, in the first round, starting with no. 1 every third participant is eliminated (no 1, 4,7,10 etc.). The remaining participants are again numbered serially starting from 1. The process is repeated till there remains only one person. She is declared as the champion of the competition. What was her rank in the first arrangement?

After calculating the percentage of male contestants in the Mr. and Ms. Orange and Blue Pageant, complete the following Gridded Response Items.

                        Simple Fraction                             Decimal                            Percentage
Social Studies/Historical Relevance

The first winner of the “Miss America” pageant was selected on September 8, 1921. The winner was sixteen-year-old Margaret Gorman of Washington, D.C.  She was the daughter of an official of the Ministry of Agriculture.  By the way, that pageant was the world d├ębut of a semi-nude body as the girls showed up wearing swimsuits for the first time.  How are the pageants of yesteryear comparable to today’s contests?  How are they divergent?

Science: Beauty and Brains?
Real Life Correlation: Science fairs or beauty pageants... who says you can't do both? Dr. Erika Ebbel Angle, biochemist and former Miss Massachusetts, didn't feel like she had to make a choice between pursuing a career in science and the pageant circuit. Dr. Ebbel Angle found balance between biochemistry and her feminine side.  Do you believe that women can possess both beauty and brains?  Please elaborate with strong support details.

How was science exemplified at the Mr. and Ms. Orange and Blue Pageant?  What are some other ways that science could have been incorporated?_______________________________________________________________

Arts Education

In this section, select and closely examine one song that was played at the Mr. and Ms. Orange and Blue Pageant.

Identify 10 words in the song.
What do you notice or find interesting about the song (i.e., instruments used, rhythm, traditional vs. modern sounds)?
 What kind of person may have written this song?  Why do you think so?

If you know the name of the song, what would be a legitimate alternative title?  If you do not know the name of the song, what title would you select?  Why?

Career and Technical Education
Record three “jobs” that you observed at the pageant.  Discuss why you would or would not want that particular responsibility.  For example, one of the jobs was emcee.

Health/PE: Critical Stance

In general, should there be a separate pageant for overweight or obese contestants or should all sizes compete collectively?  Why or why not?