Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stylish Male Teacher...Marlow Artis!

I am Marlow McKenzie Artis, a 6th Grade Teacher at South View Middle.  I was over-the-moon excited when I was selected as a Classroom Fashionista by the Fayetteville Observer.

This shot makes me feel like a superhero!  Captain Marlow, he's a hero!

Everyone needs a pair of sunglasses that give you the movie star look.

The bracelet was designed by one of my students, Matthew.  It is made of rubber bands. 

This cardigan sweater was redesigned by my grandmother.  She morphed the sweater from long-sleeve to short-sleeve.

It was my idea to take this shot from my director's chair.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with Andrew Craft (the photographer).

I live for a great pair of white pants.

These images (taken by Andrew Craft) clearly showcase why I am fashionable (at least I hope so)!  Click on the link below to read the accompanying article written by Venita Jenkins.