Friday, October 3, 2014

Flashback Friday - 2014 Lateral Entry Mini-Camp for CCS Teachers

The 2014 Lateral Entry Mini-Camp for CCS Teachers was held July 28th - July 31st. 

I LOVE facilitating professional development sessions because it allows me to share my passion (teaching) in a slightly different manner.  I am able to show another side of my personality as I navigate working with adult learners.

One setting that I particularly enjoy conducting is Lateral Entry Mini-Camp for CCS Teachers because just a few short years ago, I myself was sitting in this session as a pupil.  This session helps me to realize how far that I have personally come as an educator because when I was there as a student, I arrived without a clue and left with numerous tools to utilize.  A lot of these tools, I still use to this day.

What is Lateral Entry, you say?  Lateral Entry Teachers are individuals who have graduated from a college or university, but did not major in education.  These teachers are content experts who have a strong concentration in their content area, but must take educational classes after entering the classroom.

On July 31st, I facilitated a Classroom Management/Curriculum Breakdown Workshop with my partner, Aritia Smalls.  We had a splendid time sharing our perspective with individuals who wanted our answers.

Here are a few pictures showcasing parts of the seminar:
At the Front of the Class!

A Can-Do Attitude!

Active Learners!

I have heard wonderful reports about the outstanding contributions that our Lateral Entry Teachers are making here in Cumberland County since the school year started.  I wish them continued success!