Saturday, October 11, 2014

Interview with Romain Stanley: At-Large Candidate for the Cumberland County Board of Education

Community Activist Romain Stanley would like to join Cumberland County's Board of Education.
I want to remain informed about the happenings of my school-system and community-at-large so I recently sat down with Community Activist Romain Stanley.  He is pursuing a seat on the Cumberland County Board of Education.

Here is our in-depth interview:

About Romain Stanley 

Romain Stanley was born on February 22, 1984.  He is from Fayetteville, NC and loves his city. Romain graduated from Seventy First High School. 

After school, he decided to serve his country and entered the United States Air Force. When he first went into the Air Force his first job was becoming a Survival Instructor and eventually he became a Logistics Supervisor where he was appointed to teach job curriculum to incoming soldiers. 

After doing his duty, he went to work as a Supply Supervisor under a Dept of State Contract, and he was appointed to educate incoming workers. Romain has been teaching in this type of setting for the past 11 years and is no stranger to educating.

He now attends Campbell University Divinity School where he is completing his Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies concentrating in Public Relations while minoring in Management.  

Romain is now involved in his community and utilizes his non-profit organization to give back. He has also volunteered in programs focused on children. Romain continues to mentor youth throughout his community and educate young people on life skills and social issues. 

As a single parent father of two gorgeous bright young ladies, he understands that it is his responsibility to educate the next generation.

Stay tuned for my upcoming interviews with the other candidates!