Monday, October 13, 2014

Utilzing Instagram to Engage Students in Book Talks

I have decided to utilize the Social Media Phenomenon, Instagram, as an instructional tool.
As a middle school teacher, it is imperative that I keep my ears to the ground about the latest happenings and pop culture fads.  I strive to strategically integrate certain topics and applications into my instruction if it may lead to a greater understanding of English/Language Arts Standards.

My most recent integration is the Social Media Mainstay, Instagram.  I have decided to utilize Instagram as my students engage in Book Talks.

Each week, students have to submit 4 videos to Instagram.
  • Create a 15 Second Video Introducing the Book
  • Create a 15 Second Video Providing a Short Summary
  • Create a 15 Second Video Sharing Additional Information
  • Create a 15 Second Video Rendering a Rating
For the students who do not have Instagram Accounts for whatever reason, they must:
  • Write 6-8 Sentences Introducing the Book
  • Write 6-8 Sentences Providing a Short Summary
  • Write 6-8 Sentences Sharing Additional Information
  • Write 6-8 Sentences Rendering a Rating
Both methods help me to engage my students with their reading materials.  However, what I love about Instagram is the fact that the dialogue continues because students are able to comment and like the videos as a form of positive affirmation or constructive criticism.